Raising Quality AMHR Miniature Horses in Kansas

DGR Minis

This site is under major construction!  I appologize for the length of time it has been since last updated.   Sometimes life deals you some twists and turns and you have to just step back and deal with things before you can get back in the groove of things...  Alot has changed here in the last year and I will be updating the site as time allows.  Please e-mail (information found on the contact information page) if you have any questions/comments as I do check my e-mail on a regular basis.


DGR Minis is located north of Lindsborg Kansas. 


I raise AMHR miniature horses.  Like any other farm we also have a variety of other animals to keep us company.  Each animal on our farm is a member of our family and is treated as so.  They are all handled daily whether it be just a quick scratch or a full grooming. 


We started out with miniature goats in 2001 ~ in 2008 we decided to focus more attention on the miniature horses so the number of our goats was gradually reduced to allow more time for the horses.
We added miniature horses in 2003 - starting out with grade stock and then adding AMHR registered miniatures in 2007. Some of the bloodlines in our herd are Subras, D.M., Bond, Tuckaway, Tinker Toys, High Hopes, Circle S, and Komokos.   

Our site is updated on a regular basis so check back frequently for updates.  Check out the sales page to see what we have available for sale. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or just to chat if you want to.


We are also on Facebook.  There you can see pictures of our horses and farm as well as pictures of horses for sale and even some videos.



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